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What I Do


First and foremost, I am an artist! Since singing my first solo at age 5, I was hooked.  I have always done something creative with my time whether it was drawing, painting, writing, sculpting, singing, piano, cooking, theatre or tattooing.  I've joked hundreds of time that I'm a renaissance girl born in the wrong time frame!
Creativity has paved my life with stones of promise, color and magic and I couldn't breathe if I couldn't do something artsy. I just keep creating because it is my life-force and I get to say "see what I made for you!!"  I encourage you to never put off your art.


Here's the deal. For me, writing is not an option. It has always been there, and it is always tapping me on the shoulder. It wants to be freed. It is always nagging at me like a cranky baby, it wants to be born. I can no longer neglect the intense desire because of excuses or doubts. So here I am, shedding excuses. I am a writer, and I shall write.

Fierce Pollyanna

People called me “Pollyanna” for years before I realized it was supposed to be an insult! We can’t all be cynics and "too-cool-for-school".  I happen to be fierce, nutty, funny, weird, optimistic and unbearably light most of the time. Sure, life pushes my cork down to the depths of the sea, where I struggle to breathe, but my sunny nature just keeps popping that cork back to the surface. I like to float!

What People Are Saying

“Shelly’s an inspiring and supportive woman to all the people that surround her. She is a student, and a teacher, and committed to personal growth . She is a voracious reader and retains all the information that she gleans to share it with others in hopes of healing the world. She’s a positive force, a real motivator and oh so motivated. She is one of the most inspired, talented and creative women I have ever met. Art, laughter and music is all around her and always flowing from her. I am blessed and honored to call her my friend.”

Susan Horner


“I have known Shelly for six years As soon as I met her I was attracted to her self- confidence, openness and ability to speak her truth. Since then I have had the pleasure of doing some intimate personal work with her. What I admire about Shelly is that she is true to herself even when it’s emotionally painful and she trusts the universe will provide. She is a fierce Pollyanna who always sees the bright side and she is a master of manifestation. We share a lot of similar situations and she has been a great teacher for me. She is also an amazing artist and encourages and believes that everybody has the ability to succeed. She has done more personal work than anyone I have ever known and loves to share her wisdom with any who would like to hear it. I am excited to see where the future takes her.”

Denise Davis


“If you’re looking for a bright spot in this world, Shelly is it!

As I walked through the door of her tattoo studio 5 years ago, I knew she was a person I could never forget. I was automatically drawn to her warm spirit and zest for life. Shelly is a “no bullshit” kind of gal, and you never have to guess where you stand with her. Shelly will inspire you, encourage you, and help you grow. I admire Shelly’s passion for her vision and her drive. She marches to the beat of her own drum, sprinkling her Fierce Pollyanna magic wherever she goes. Working with her has truly been a once in a lifetime experience. If you are looking for a genuine person and a true inspiration, I strongly urge you to meet Shelly.”

Brittany Bersin

Creative Strategist, Brittanybee Designs

The Museletter

What happened to my summer?

What happened to my summer?!?!  Literally one more day of August and it is sprinkling outside. The last few months have been challenging, testing my ability to stay focused, despite the fun and sun going on OUT THERE, in the ‘real world’. I’ve been cooped up inside,...

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You MUST be present to win!

You MUST Be Present to Win   At the studio, a client told us she has five kids who are always complaining about missing out on something—for instance—"hey she got to go to the movies and I didn’t”, “he got the last piece of pie”, etc. This wise Mom shared that she...

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Brain bursting...with energy today.   I have been having a brain fog lately...what menopausal fuckery is this??   so amazing to wake up more refreshed and rejuved.   Simple things, like yoga, meditation, getting up at the same time every day, fresh air and loving my...

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Permission to Shine–Granted!

Living your life to the fullest, giving yourself permission to shine your light as BRIGHT as possible, making no f*n apologies... gives other people PERMISSION to shine in their own lives too. 🌞 I have admired, for ages, the people who seem so comfortable in their own...

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Visualizing My Mad Adventures

Yes I mostly do what I want. And it's taken me years to get here. I give myself permission to be who I want and feel what I want and choose the things that make me happy. I have set intentions around my life being easy and in flow. This means even in business, I don't...

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Being something DIFFERENT in life. It ain't easy. Making a decision to manifest all kinds of new and exciting things means I also have to do the work. DO THE THINGS IT TAKES. Take action.   Be the person I am envisioning for myself. I decided a long time ago I wasn't...

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