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Let it Go!

It’s strange to catch yourself feeling odd, and you take a moment to get quiet and then suddenly realize it’s because you feel so good! And you’re not used to it. What is this new sensation? I am in the middle of a hustle bustle day at the studio, people coming and...

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Writing Down The Bones

Just start writing they say. Whatever comes out. Let it flow. "Writing down the bones", as author Natalie Goldberg says. Allowing thoughts to transform that blank page. No holding back. Even correcting and editing should wait until a lull in the flow of words. Just...

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Oh Life!

Way too long since my last post.  A roller coaster of ups and downs, mother passing, dear friend passing, relationship  transitions and many amazing things. Fortunately, life is trucking along as it does...regardless of whether I am conscious or unconscious. Really...

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Day After Day

Practicing looking at each day as a new experience.  A friend mentioned "having an original experience" when she was with a person she had known for a long time.  Instead of expecting the same old thing, or being disappointed when they act a certain way, she was...

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The voice in your head

Are you plagued by the swirling thoughts syndrome?  Do you find yourself always thinking, thinking--trying to figure things out?  Exhausted from listening to that voice in your head--your constant companion...the worried, negative, demanding roommate in your brain?...

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Inspiration--a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul;  in-spirit Intuition--the quality or ability of having such direct     perception or quick insight. I have been giving these two words a great deal of thought lately, in how they...

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