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Hey beautiful people,

I’m Shelly Dax, an artist, writer, tattooer and fierce Pollyanna! This means I’m a fiesty, audacious rebel who ALSO intensely loves positive thinking and spreading encouragement!

I believe in being radically authentic, fulfilling your creative spirit, and doing your life with outrageous joy.

Let’s get real up in here! 

Are you someone who never quite fit in?  A born leader? A bit of a DIVA? Did you always feel like you were made for something special and that your DREAMS were much bigger than most people’s?

Yeah, me too. And it took me a lot of years to work up the courage to admit –I don’t WANT to fit in, I want to STAND OUT.  I don’t want to be put in a box of expectations, shoulds, rules and assumptions.  Get me out of that damn box!!

I’m here, because I’ve challenged myself to be brave and offer my CREATIVE GIFTS out to the universe.  No holds barred.  No hiding behind excuses, fear or “what will THEY think”?  (who’s THEY anyway?) Doing things “by the book” was never my way.

So we can choose to play it small or LIVE large and make our fucking art already!  No more excuses.

Release your inner dazzle. Don’t fit in! Start living your life like you truly MEAN IT!  We are all born with a story to tell, a song to write or a painting to paint! (or a garden to hoe, an egg to scramble or possibly a beebee to stack.  Whatever your inner genius is longing to create.)

I’m writing to encourage the creative misfits, unyielding dreamers and gutsy rulebreakers.

And to anyone who says “what the hell does she think she’s doing now!?” or “She can’t do that!” I smile sweetly and say very politely;


Let’s start living our lives like we freaking mean it.  

And till we meet again…

Be fierce. Be kind. Be badass.



Just a wee bit more about me, if you care:

 I’m a true renaissance girl–I ADORE all things artistic. Sang my first solo at age five and wrote my first story at age nine. I was bit by the artsy bug. My childhood was filled with artistic endeavors, from plays to ceramics to choir to poetry .
I also spent more than 12 years working in theatre (you know…where all the “gays, deviants and loose women” hang out); acting, directing, singing, writing and teaching BEFORE getting licensed as a tattoo artist  and opening my tattoo studio (you know…where all the bikers, deviants and loose women hang out!)
I’m a successful tattoo & graphic design studio owner 10+ years and I’ve been teaching tattoo for over five years. I write. I draw. I paint. I teach. I sing. I cook. I play.

I am lucky enough to be one of those fucking ANNOYING people who do what they love and love what they do.    ~S

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