Inspirationa divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul;  in-spirit

Intuitionthe quality or ability of having such direct     perception or quick insight.

I have been giving these two words a great deal of thought lately, in how they relate to my journey as an artist.  Sometimes it’s a struggle to feel inspiration.  People talk about it as an elusive, shadowy thing that you may get lucky enough to capture, like a leprechaun.

But when I put the “in-spirit” twist on the word, it makes more sense.  It’s always there, like the sun shining behind the dark clouds.  And knowing this means it is just a matter of cleaning up the cloudy connection and allowing what is already existing to bubble up.

And when inspiration has an unobstructed path up through me, intuition follows.–direct perception of what my creative process is to be–quick insight!

How to clear up the connection, blow the clouds (or cobwebs) away?

Relax, ask, meditate, quiet the noise in some way–this allows me to notice the point of view of my spirit, the most authentic me, my self that is divine.

And sometimes it take me just starting the project, regardless of my state (cranky or no), and inspiration shows up.

Then what I am to do next becomes obvious and the creation process flows a bit better.  Slightly easier than catching a leprechaun.