WOWzer how is it possible I haven’t written a blog since last October?

Cause life has been full of big changes/adventures. And I just got caught up in the wheee fun!

Also published another book:  Link —> “How To Do Watercolor Tattoos”!

Just a quick check in to say, my focus is shifting this year. Was approached by a large tattoo company and have been in negotiations for the use of my curriculum and program outline for tattoo school. My partner and I both have been involved for last couple months in making BIG life decisions and things are shifting over the next few months. Massive excitement. 🤗

I’m excited to share the deets once contracts have been signed….so for now it’s just an exciting thrill just to be asked and for something I created to be in demand.  (jumping up and down)

It seems that when you stick to your inspiration and keep getting up, even when you stumble, things can come up roses too! I’m reminded again that listening to your own soul, and having faith that the SOURCE has your back, really smooths life’s bumpy road.

I will be carving out more time for writing, inspiration and listening to THE MUSE. Already have three other projects in the works.

I gotta fly.

I’m so fortunate to have an awesome audience, clientele, family, and friends.


The Fierce Pollyanna,

Shelly Dax