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Fake Positivity? Not Here!

I always knew I was different. Something weird about me. I tended to annoy others with my Pollyanna positivity. And currently, choosing to enjoy life and keep my thoughts going in a feel good direction seems to elicit a 'not real' response in some people. They...

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Brain bursting...with energy today.   I have been having a brain fog lately...what menopausal fuckery is this??   so amazing to wake up more refreshed and rejuved.   Simple things, like yoga, meditation, getting up at the same time every day, fresh air and loving my...

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Self Care-Just do it!!

It feels so good to take care of myself these days. For years I put myself on the back burner, always caring for others first, as moms tend to do. When my health got sketchy, with fatigue and joint pain, and I got up to 210 pounds, and had "thrown" my back out a...

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I am Fussy!

I just found out recently that I am “fussy”. I reacted with a “how very dare you” of course when I first heard this from my partner, feeling hurt. But then he said, “look it up in the dictionary”. FUSSY adjective (of a person) fastidious about one's needs...

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