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Brain bursting...with energy today.   I have been having a brain fog lately...what menopausal fuckery is this??   so amazing to wake up more refreshed and rejuved.   Simple things, like yoga, meditation, getting up at the same time every day, fresh air and loving my...

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Being something DIFFERENT in life. It ain't easy. Making a decision to manifest all kinds of new and exciting things means I also have to do the work. DO THE THINGS IT TAKES. Take action.   Be the person I am envisioning for myself. I decided a long time ago I wasn't...

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Self Care-Just do it!!

It feels so good to take care of myself these days. For years I put myself on the back burner, always caring for others first, as moms tend to do. When my health got sketchy, with fatigue and joint pain, and I got up to 210 pounds, and had "thrown" my back out a...

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I am Fussy!

I just found out recently that I am “fussy”. I reacted with a “how very dare you” of course when I first heard this from my partner, feeling hurt. But then he said, “look it up in the dictionary”. FUSSY adjective (of a person) fastidious about one's needs...

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Little Pep Talk

A piece of advice from the Fierce Pollyanna: Even when things don't fucking make sense, even when you hurt, even when the disappointment rears its ugly head, even when money seems scarce, even when you cry yourself to sleep.... Look up. Breathe deeply. Dig down to the...

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How Very Dare You?

Why do people think they need to tell me what to do? Why do people think they KNOW better for my life? I mean especially the people whose lives are not so nifty?? I get advice EVEN from people who are broke, overweight, unhappy and unhealthy....

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One Big Retro “Screw You”!

One Big Retro “Screw You”!   Being content and joyful, despite circumstances, seems to be a foreign state for most people. I would swear people love misery, and misery loves company, so we get an exclusive invite to their poopy pity party! I practice hard to stay in...

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Don’t Just Sit There

  Don’t Just Sit there! Last night I attended a lovely, out door, country wedding ceremony.  When the music started, loads of attractive young people crowded the dance floor, getting tipsy by the minute, and having an outrageously good time! I looked around and saw oh...

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Painting on the Sidewalk!

Painting on the Sidewalk I was honored to be chosen by the City of Springfield to participate in the “Upstream Art Project” which allowed me to paint a mural right on the sidewalk! This project is an effort to raise awareness regarding storm drain pollution and...

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Writing a damn blog already!!

Writing a damn blog already!! Ok, so I ‘ve been quiet in the corners of blog-land for a while, working on so many other things…but my business coaches keep saying “write blogs” and I seriously keep putting it on my to-do list then it keeps falling to the bottom.  AND...

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Know Yourself as Divine!

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin   My past experience with spirituality was religion.  I grew up forced to go to church and vacation bible school, though my parents...

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Let it Go!

It’s strange to catch yourself feeling odd, and you take a moment to get quiet and then suddenly realize it’s because you feel so good! And you’re not used to it. What is this new sensation? I am in the middle of a hustle bustle day at the studio, people coming and...

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Writing Down The Bones

Just start writing they say. Whatever comes out. Let it flow. "Writing down the bones", as author Natalie Goldberg says. Allowing thoughts to transform that blank page. No holding back. Even correcting and editing should wait until a lull in the flow of words. Just...

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