A piece of advice from the Fierce Pollyanna: Even when things don’t fucking make sense, even when you hurt, even when the disappointment rears its ugly head, even when money seems scarce, even when you cry yourself to sleep….Look up. Breathe deeply.

Dig down to the bottom of your soul, find that hidden powerhouse, know yourself as divine, see your many gifts and talents, appreciate all the little amazing things that fill your life and embrace your inner badass! ?

Don’t give up! Breathe deeply instead. It may be one or two more steps to success, to your dreams to fulfillment! Maybe just an inch away from the love of your life. Just a scotch to that project that will explode your scarcity consciousness. Only one week til it all falls in to place! Keep going.

Keep the faith. Pull yourself up, get the support you need, seek the truth, and follow your deep guidance, listen to the Muses. Breathe deeply. You can do it babe!

I’m talking to myself as much as my clients and friends. Little #peptalks.

Be Fierce  Be kind. Be Badass!