I always knew I was different. Something weird about me. I tended to annoy others with my Pollyanna positivity. And currently, choosing to enjoy life and keep my thoughts going in a feel good direction seems to elicit a ‘not real’ response in some people. They question whether my brand of optimism is actually fake positivity.

Well, it is very real. Finding the inner power to face external conditions with a newfound calm and knowledge that I choose how I react/respond…. Is hard-won, long practiced, and not perfect. But definitely not fake positivity.

And finding a sweet peacefulness in my inner being, which has a “do not disturb” sign next to it, has taken lots of energy, conscious reprogramming, journaling and release.

You don’t even know the half of the shizzle and murgle I’ve been through. Hair-raising traumas and bottom of the barrel dramas.

So don’t even think it’s because my life has been charmed and easy that I can choose positive thoughts.

I just decided I want to be happy and I want it more than I want my waa waa stories. And I keep choosing it every morning when I wake up with a clean vibration, “how do I want to feel today?”

Hint: good

So I keep choosing in each NOW moment. I am in the river of life, turning downstream to float as much as possible.

So sure there is frustration, sadness, anger, tears… And I experience #allthefeels

But I practice a catch and release program. Catch that squirmy, slimy, wet, flippy, splashy, strong emotion ?

Look it over, hold it, see its cold staring eye, check out its bittersweet shine and sparkle, pull out the hook, and swish it along on its way.


It’s real. Feeling good most of the time can be a thing.


Be Fierce, Be Fiesty, Be Badass!

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