THE MUSE is a collective consciousness, a supernatural force, ONE word used to describe the facets of spirit, be it Goddess, Universe, Source or simply LOVE. The Muse exist in the gap between your thoughts. The spaciousness in your heart. The music of your laughter.

Based on the Greek Goddesses, who oversaw, urged, nudged and implored their human friends to stay the path, and to open their hearts and minds to imagination, beauty and discovery.

THE MUSE use our own language, sitting from our vantage point, seeing the humor. Humans scrambling around on earth, cluttering up their journey with fear, frustration, and frenzy. THE MUSE know that LOVE is the secret sauce that powers everything.

Everyone knows this feeling of bliss and connection. THE MUSE encompasses this source of inspiration and wonder. Just another name for that Great Something that connects us all.

Clue 15

Do you find yourself with half started, half-hearted plans? Those projects aren’t gonna get off the back shelf by themselves! You gotta dust em, cuddle em, reacquaint yourselves and go all in. We’re here to light your fire

~ The Muse

Clue 119

Are you wearing your wooden shoes? Your spinning propeller hat? Your striped toe socks? How ’bout that rainbow trout tie? Throw ’em on every now and again. Remind yourself that life is supposed to be fun. We’ve got our ugly Christmas sweaters on right now.

~ The Muse

Clue 210

Do you feel yourself to be too much? Too loud? Too cheery? Too weird? Too different than the normies? Well child, that’s a huge relief. Normal is for the fitter-inners. The nervous nellies and the worry warts. Thank Muse that will never be you.

~ The Muse

“Shelly’s Clues from the Muse are short, upbeat, uplifting perspectives on life. They’re gentle yet powerful nuggets of sage wisdom. They’re great anytime and I love listening to them when I wake up and before bed.“

Mindy Baker

“Clues from the Muse with Shelly Dax is a welcome addition to any daily practice. It provides a moment to pause and to remind me life is meant to be joyful and fun. The inspirational words become guidance, with a whimsical approach that keeps me heart-centered.”

Dore Jean

“Clues from the Muse is the perfect start to my day. These inspiring bits of positivity and insight get me thinking and put a spring in my step! Reading or listening to them is like a snippet of intuitive conversation with a trusted friend.”

Kristin Taylor