Practicing looking at each day as a new experience.  A friend mentioned “having an original experience” when she was with a person she had known for a long time.  Instead of expecting the same old thing, or being disappointed when they act a certain way, she was attempting to stay open and fresh each encounter with this person.  It got me to thinking: how often do I just create the same old thing?

How often is it my own focus, my own thoughts and beliefs, that keep me stuck in the things I claim not to want, every day?  If my imagination is reality, and I’m beginning to believe it more and more, than why am I wasting so much thought/energy on stuff I DON’T want to happen?  When I focus on positive energy, heck, I just feel better.  So do the people I encounter.

Why do I expect so much from people and then allow myself to get disappointed so often?  I heard a saying recently: “expectation is just premeditated resentment.”  Yikes, that hit home.

I am becoming more aware of the choices I make every day.  I choose to have an original experience each day.  I choose to stop bringing all of yesteryear’s baggage to this new day.

“Growth is the willingness to let reality be new every moment.” ~ Deepak Chopra.

Guess I’ve grown a wee bit.