Being something DIFFERENT in life. It ain’t easy. Making a decision to manifest all kinds of new and exciting things means I also have to do the work.


Take action.


Be the person I am envisioning for myself.

I decided a long time ago I wasn’t normal. I wasn’t ever going to fit in the 9-5 work-a-day world. I was different. I was a creative. I was an entrepreneur.

I was always doing some side project or another, some part time job, some new business venture and especially some “this old barn would make a great theatre” type thinking.

I have always felt low-level magical. It’s always bubbling under the surface. Why? Because I decided to believe in magic. Yep, that ol Pollyanna positive thinking has been a thread through my life from the youngest age.


(Think Buddy the Elf…“I just like to smile…smiling’s my favorite”)


And now, that I am older and wiser, and starting the ‘transition”

{ie menopause…which I never loved that word….shouldn’t it be womenopause?

Or something new and more delicious like: “grand passage”?}

NOW I am rocking it even harder than ever. Fully living my Fierce Pollyanna, and embracing the dichotomy which is me. Who knew?


I’ve read that women around my age go through this uproarious, crazy, emotional/physical change, only to come out the other side more empowered, clear-headed, and full of vitality and maybe a bit of piss and vinegar.


And the “change” has been compared to pregnancy and childbirth, only at this age, we are birthing grand new ideas, schemes, maybe business, projects, partners and sometimes a complete re-vamp of our lives. WHEEEEEEE…that’s me.


I may not love the hot flashes and teary-ness at stupid moments…but I love the inspiration, the aspiration, eagerness, the give-no-fucks attitude!


Suddenly I understand that POEM about wearing purple, spending your pension on brandy and goin barefoot!


And to manifest my new adventures, I must make no excuses.


I must choose to put one foot in front of the other and ACTUALLY do all the things. DO THE THINGS. Get up early, do the yoga and meditation, eat the organic foods, drink the water, take the supplements, journal, plan, set goals, TAKE ACTION, MOVE my body, write my words, share my insights, talk to my people, create my art…


and change my little corner of this world.


If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired…RESIST the urge to complain, whine and say “no fair.”




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