Don’t Just Sit there!

Last night I attended a lovely, out door, country wedding ceremony.  When the music started, loads of attractive young people crowded the dance floor, getting tipsy by the minute, and having an outrageously good time!

I looked around and saw oh so many older folks (a lot of grumpsters), sitting in their chairs just staring. OK sure, some had canes, I get that, but what about the ones who just sat there? Forgetting how to be childlike and imaginative? Spectating instead of participating? Throwing a wet blanket on the fun?

Damn, why don’t the elders get out there and shake a leg too?

Granted there were a couple who danced a little, but mostly they sat. And sat. And sat.  (Have they not heard thatsitting is the new smoking of our generation?)

A glowing orange half moon lit the sky, twinkle lights all around, and a super bright spot light illuminating the huge field. The music was loud and bass was pumping.  I shed my inhibitions, and twirled in the grass with my radiant six year-old granddaughter squealing and grinning!  She was so delighted and bouncy, like a tigger and when “Happy” started playing she yelled “I love this song!” and both of us just danced our legs off!

After several songs, sweating and thirsty, we grabbed some water. She took her bottle and just dumped it over her head… no worries about makeup, hair, squishing around in wet clothes… just spontaneous, in the moment.  Absolute bliss to watch. And her laughter was so contagious!


I would’ve missed this moment if I was just sitting around talking to the people my age.


This Pollyanna will stay as magical as possible!!! 

And take every opportunity to twirl in the moonlight, despite the grumpsters and wet blankets.


“And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance…I hope you dance.”

~ Lee Ann Wommack