I forgot to tell you this: (one of these days I will blog on a regular basis! hee hee.)

Peeps, check this out: 25+ years I have dreamed of taking my whole family to Disneyland and renting a vacation house with a pool!  And it finally happened last summer!!  AND WOWZERS I was able to manifest enough abundance to pay for 12 flights, a vacation home, 3 rental cars and all the theme park tickets (Universal studios too)! This may sound a bit nutty (you magical manifestors will get it) but I had a vision in my mind that said;

“I will know I have arrived (ie I am successful) when I can take my whole family to Disneyland!” That had been in the back of my mind for many moons. AND it was the trip of a lifetime. 🧚

Please bear in mind that 12 years ago I was living in my sisters garage, with less than $100 bucks in the bank. So it felt truly miraculous to pull that off last year. It was the most wonderful adventure to share such a fabulous vacation with my kids and grandkids. I was floating and flying high the entire time. And even now, I can conjure up that zazzly feeling of appreciation and awe.

So that happened.

And now in three weeks I am headed to NEW YORK CITY, as well as Massachutses and Connecticut.  WHAT?!?!  How did this happen you may ask?

MAGIC and Possibility. How to even describe all the things that have come together, in ways I can’t explain, other than TA DA, Wheee, Boom, yeah baby!

As author Mike Dooley always says “thoughts become things and words give you wings”. I learned to believe in all things possible. Practiced for many years changing my thoughts, as Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book said “You’ll See It When You Believe it!” I have seriously worked HARD at changing my thoughts and, though slow at first, all the delicious synchronicities and delights began to slip right into my life. Now I take the time to appreciate and notice and revel.  

I’m taking this spring to breathe and do some homeworkplay that delves into my deepest desires and what is possible. (just completed the Infinite Possibilities Training too. Met some AHH-mazing people.)  

I KNOW I get to shape and decidemy future, despite the myriad of unforeseen grubby events that this journey throws on the path. AND believe me…sheeeeooooootttt…there are plenty of those too.

Now-a-days I marvel at how many exciting things crop up that I literally had NO IDEA could/would happen. 

  • New abundance of soul friends I could not have imagined were out there for me.
  • Travel adventures.
  • Virtual ART & ALIGN hang-outs
  • Possibility retreats.
  • Going to see TWO Broadway shows in NY.
  • Going to see the Atlantic ocean and taking a road trip from NY to MA.
  • Recently hiring a branding and marketing person to help me with clarity…SO frkn cool.

This totally assures me that my tiny brain can’t begin to fathom the endless ways the Universe can bring things about and have my back. Time for a little WHOO HOO.

My new moniker: Joy Advocate, Professional Encourager, Artistic Mystic and Facilitator of Fun.

Come along for the ride!

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Happy April and please make the most of what your own MIND has to offer.

Shelly Dax