Here comes the gushing: I’m THRILLED that life has opened for me in so many brilliant ways. I continue to be in awe of how when I change my thinking and focus, the world unfolds around me differently. It molds itself to show up with all the adventure, thrills, beauty I can imagine AND MORE!

I recently returned from the EPIC two-week east coast trip of a lifetime. A lovely stay in Manhattan NYC area with new fab friends Mindy & Dore, then MASSACHUTSES with Nan…all three beautiful, generous women from the POSSIBILTY POSSE I created one year ago. (We meet every week to talk of all things magical and joyful.)

Lucky for me (the #bunnybeams girl) there were Bunny sightings everywhich where (stickers, clothes, hats, stuffies, signs, etc) which also included a REAL live bunny on Columbus street! (Mindy said she’d never seen that before!)

Here are the highlights of that first week in NYC:

  • fancy spa day (90 minute massage, oh la la)
  • shopping all over town, including FAO Schwartz Toy Store
  • lunch at Bergdorfs (lobster salad)
  • NY taxis
  • several walks through magnificent Central Park
  • Patrick’s colossal cathedral
  • mojitos at Tavern on the Green
  • entire gluten-free bakery and café (NY BAGELS!!)
  • gorgeous roof sunset views
  • cocktails with Dore & friend at the Magic Hour rooftop bar (where of COURSE there was a sexy bunny statue!)
  • Beautiful hotel lobbies
  • Cinco De Mayo at the famous Rosa Mexicana (Shrimp tacos!)
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Italian Espresso almost every day
  • Outrageous yummy meals
  • Times Square frenzy
  • Two beautiful magical women that I love: Dore and Mindy!

But BEST of all for me: THREE (count em’) THREE BROADWAY SHOWS!!

  • MOULIN ROUGE (My most fav movie evah)
  • SIX (a musical retelling of Henry the 8th’s wives)
  • FUNNY GIRL (starring Lea Michele, for all you GLEEKS)

OMG my theatre girl’s heart exploded. IT WAS beyond, beyond.

And highlights from my trip up to MASSACHUTSES (through Connecticut and Rhode Island):

  • renting a car in downtown Manhatten and driving north…whoo hoo me!
  • gorgeous airbnb in Mystic CT, like a sailing ship.
  • aquarium with several Beluga whales (they spoke to me)
  • fresh oysters & shrimp paella beside the Mystic River
  • seeing a Christmas tree in the middle of May!! (I had asked for a woo woo sign that morning and chose xmas tree thinking that would be a SURE confirmation from the Universe– but did NOT expect the whole “Olde Mystic Village” to be transformed into Christmas village for a holiday movie that was being filmed…CRAY CRAY!! Manifesting magic.)
  • LOBSTER in Newport Rhode Island (lobster stuffed with shrimp and scallops mind you!)
  • awesome Magick shop
  • beautiful airbnb on 60 lovely acres, with a pond (and spotted a beaver), in Uxbridge MA
  • huge welcome from Nan and family, (felt like one of the gang!) at their lakeside home in New Marlborough.
  • walking meditation with Nan and her sister Liza. (Both huge Joe Dispenza fans like me.)
  • seeing the Norman Rockwell museum (fantastic artist and legend)
  • lovely shops, an old church, The Red Lion Inn and the original site of “Alice’s Restaurant”, from the Arlo Guthrie song
  • a cemetery, where we found a $100 bill on legendary freed slave Mum Bett’s grave (which I gifted to someone else in need!)
  • spotting several red Cardinals (I’ve always wanted to see them in person!)
  • Natural History museum (saw 2 live [albeit stuffed] bunnies)
  • SUESS museum (oh so much child-like amusement!)

BEST PART was going on a kayak trip with Nan. Beautiful, sunshine, splashes, and giggles!

I probably missed something but as you can see…SMACK ME PEEPS…was that even real?

So much BUCKET LIST stuff, I am so utterly grateful for the opportunity. A dream comes true.

Even 5 years ago I could not have afforded or taken the time or KNOWN the wonderful people that made this trip available to me. My two besties Denise & Susan are always my cheerleaders and my own kids & grandkids my biggest fans. Yay me!

That’s where all the gushing comes in. I truly have done the work of digging deep, reframing, affirming (a million times over), taking inspired action, listening to dozens of podcasts and workshops, read hundreds of books, coaches galore, opened to all possibility, AND most thankfully nurtured a business that grew and blossomed with color, warmth, love, and inclusivity.  And my fabulous partner Gil was honorable enough to take over the whole kit & kaboodle so I could do this legendary girl’s trip. [Imzadi 4 ever]

BLISSED AND BLESSED and reveling in the WONDER & WHIMSY life has available, if we truly grow, let go and flow.

Please know that I too have GREAT ups and downs, difficult shizzle to deal with, and been through the ringer. EVEN with that, I keep choosing to see the light & hope.

Always and forever FIERCE POLLYANNA POWER.

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More to unfold very shortly.


Shelly Dax

The Artistic Mystic