Exhausted to the bone. 🦴  Yep.

INTENSE!  Putting yourself out there, getting your voice into the world, risking the ol “what will they think” BS.  Having some rude responses, but actually getting mostly GREAT feedback AND encouragement. Seeing possibility where I couldn’t see it before!

I hardly have the words to describe how much work I put into my online audio interview series, The Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution.  Who knew it would be such an enormous amount of work, money, energy to put on such an event….even though it was ONLINE!?!? Research galore, massive effort to contact busy artists, working with a biz coach and two virtual assistants, learning how to create online webpages, using new apps, edit and upload audio, take diligent notes, create agreements, and on and on.

From the tremendous excitement of meeting so many amazing tattoo artists and entrepreneurs to the moments of exhaustion and melt down…I am so proud of myself and happy that it was a success. I can’t even describe the feeling of satisfaction I feel having people reaching out to me and sharing how much these conversations have changed their life and direction in their careers. WOW. It is quite a good feeling to influence and support others who are making their mark in the art and tattoo world.

And honestly, I am thrilled with the direction this is taking: I’ve spoken to so many lovely humans who want to see change in tattoo industry.  Also, womxn who care so much about being seen as just as capable, just as worthy, just as deserving of a place as a tattooer in the world. So much so that I’m getting ready to start a podcast and write another book based on these conversations.

Just need a few minutes of downtime (and when I say minutes, I mean weeks!) to regroup, recharge and rejuvenate before jumping into the next set of projects. Since this week is Halloween and we are all limited as to what FUN we can have…I’m just dressing up and celebrating Halloween WEEK!

Loving the colors, the autumn beauty and the crisp cold air. This creativity makes my happy girl heart sing. (I love costumes y’all.)

In the meantime, please share with me if you have stories of either trying to get an apprenticeship or experience in a school or apprenticeship that you would like to share. I am gathering a waiting list of potential podcast guests. I’d like to share a broad view, the good, the bad and the ugly.

And thanks again for being so supportive and your kind words. Really bowled over by the showers of support. I wish I could hug everyone who’s been so nice!

Shelly Dax

PS: I’ll be releasing the Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution audios on Youtube as soon as I figure out how!!  Should be next week.  Whoo hoo. More to learn.

PS: if you didn’t get to listen to Jake Meeks interviewing me on Fireside Tattoo Network:

Listen in here:

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