Brain bursting…with energy today.
I have been having a brain fog lately…what menopausal fuckery is this??
so amazing to wake up more refreshed and rejuved.
Simple things, like yoga, meditation, getting up at the same time every day, fresh air and loving my work…makes all the difference in feeling great.
But getting OUT in to the world…now that’s a JOLT for the old comfort zone stuckery.
(<—stuckery and fuckery…snicker…as I said yesterday, I just make up my own words.)
Last night I took a cooking class…my first one in 20+years…just for some new ideas and social connection. It was a hoot! And the food was YUMZBALLS. Shrimp cakes with remoulade, Thai Tom Yum soup, linguine and lemon bars.
It felt very high falutin, comforting, delectable and “la de da I am out on the town doing something out of my USUAL blah–
ie watching Master chef from my easy chair, eating leftovers.
I can’t quite say enough GOODLIES about getting OUT THERE. 
(and yes, it was JUST me by my own self. Boom!)
Where we always imagine ALL the others are having ALL the fun, ALL the adventure, ALL the luxury and ALL the sex.
(I have watched a lot of “Sex in the City” and from my little small county town, it always seemed SO exciting to be in NYC, wearing the kicky heels, strappy dresses, sipping cherry laden cocktails and buzzing from party to party, searching out the next hot guy.)
So getting OUT THERE of course means different things to different people…but I am simply talking about putting yourself out in to the world and not just watching it go by on TV.
Whether it be pubs, craft faires, galleries, festivals,
garden, book or wine club
Or even having people over for poker (me!) or marathon board game sessions….JUST kick yourself in the ASS and do it.
Even if it is joining a facebook group and participating and supporting other awesome HIGH VIBE peeps. <—–see what I did there?
Don’t let life pass you by. Do some shit. Karate chop excuses and fucking TRY SOMETHING NEW. I promise you will disturb the stagnant waters of your life in some way or other and you may even have fun and meet cool people. At the very least you will be PROUD of yourself for taking risks.

Next on my list: horseback riding lessons. Eeek! ?
Be fierce. Be Kind. Be feisty.
What are you going to do to kick yerself out of neutral my dears??