HOPE: The hope for healing from chronic pain. Reading, listening, watching videos and doing lots of writing. Untangling this mindbody connection of chronic pain. Such a revelation to see how much the brain tries to protect us from “unacceptable” or unbearable emotions. 

Read “The Mindbody Prescription” by Dr. John Sarno and using the ‘Curable’ smart phone app. 
Healing hope has been restored people!!!!

Who knew there was still so much shiznizzle to deal with? 

I am walking [stumbling] an ongoing journey of understanding and release from past traumas, childhood wounds and life stressors — and, of course, healing from chronic pain.

I tend to throw myself head-long into anything inspiring, with a supreme enthusiasm. I love that about me. I am a brainsponge of new info.

I have a super power that lets me assimilate new concepts, like a Borg. [For you nontrekkies, that’s a cybernetic organism that absorbs technology] 

And then I integrate them into my life rather quickly.

My chronic pain has diminished about 40% in 2 months…truly feels like a ‘hallelujah’ is in order.

Currently reading “Unlearn Your Pain” by Dr. Howard Schubiner. It’s a workbook, and so so helpful.
“Sokath, his eyes uncovered!!.” 
[Another Star Trek reference… what a nerd. It means; sudden realization]

I can’t believe it took me so long to get that my back pain & hip pain were totally connected to –anger, lack of support, instability, and a feeling of “bending over backwards” for others. I heard myself say those words to someone and…duh..no wonder my back hurts!

“Zenda his face black, his eyes red.”
[ST ref: means anger or conflict]

Unraveling a crapload of childhood/adult grief and anger…I thought I had already dealt with…oh we like to fool ourselves don’t we? But seeing it with new eyes, more compassion and less fear. Letting it flow on to my scribbly journal pages…lots of tears AND huge relief. 

“Kiazi’s children, their faces wet” 
[Means; do not cry]

I think my tears are almost done. Laughter and feelings of elation and energy are coming back!
I danced yesterday with complete abandon. It was joyous!

“Mirab, with sails unfurled”
[Means a journey, an adventure.]

Oh yeah, so me and Mirab are feeling freeeeee!!
-Shelly, the fiercepollyanna