Let it Go!

It’s strange toLet it go catch yourself feeling odd, and you take a moment to get quiet and then suddenly realize it’s because you feel so good! And you’re not used to it. What is this new sensation? I am in the middle of a hustle bustle day at the studio, people coming and going, flitting between my desk and observing students; and I find myself smiling. There’s a relatively new sensation in my bones…it’s the feeling of being centered. Whoa. This grounded state of being is something I’ve been searching for most of my life. Sure I’ve experienced this peace of mind off and on many times through-out my life—mainly the last 15 years, but never have I consistently felt this deep sense of calm.

So much of the time in previous years I would allow every little thing to get to me. I would allow picky customers or moody co-workers to throw me off my track. I could easily fall victim to the “sky is falling” syndrome when something didn’t go my way. Or when an honestly inconvenient thing–like knocking over fresh coffee grounds in the filter perched precariously atop my cup—would derail me. Boom! All over the floor when I was in a hurry. I couldn’t let things go.

My level of acceptance used to be so low I would actually argue for my complaints…”it’s real! I’m not making this stuff up! I have every right to be pissed off all day when I am out of sorts”. Thankfully those days are farther and fewer between. When my car’s anti-theft system locked up and refused to start for over an hour, while on a vacation at the coast a few weeks ago, I was calm while I searched google on my phone for an answer. As I watched my friend get tense and snappy with the man who came out to see why we were parked in front of his house, I truly understood the futility of getting upset or cranky. Bottom line: it simply doesn’t help. Sure it wasn’t exactly fun…but it was an opportunity to slow down, laugh at life’s foibles and praise the miracle of smart phones!

I have gradually embraced this idea of “you create your own reality”. Believe me; it didn’t happen all at once. It’s been about 10 years of reading and listening and about five years of serious challenges to truly test my mettle. (You know the old saying “challenges are just opportunities in disguise”? I have been blessed with HELLZA PALOOZA opportunities!)

Practicing meditation for the last two years added another layer of serenity. I just don’t let things get to me as much anymore. I’m saving my freak–out energy for the life altering moments. I have cultivated a secret place in my soul, undisturbed by daily troubles, that I can access to help me remain tranquil. Of course I can’t always get there as fast as I’d like, but better than I used to be is okay with me.

Interesting that also about a year ago I began practicing Louise Hay’s idea of putting your hand to your heart and saying to yourself “I am willing to change” and wow, this last year has been the most transformational of my life. So watch out kids—THOUGHTS have power!!

“Let it go”, as the Disney movie encourages, seems to be the new buzz phrase. Pop song or no…. best advice to help us transform our hurried, worried, wearied world.

“It’s not the situation that’s causing your stress, it’s your thoughts, and you can change that right here and now. You can choose to be peaceful right here and now. Peace is a choice, and it has nothing to do with what other people do or think.” ~ Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD


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  1. When we left the Hay House Conference for the airport on Maui, I shared a shuttle with two other gals from the conference. When it appeared they might be late because of waiting for other passengers, they began to get very disturbed, wanting the driver to leave them behind. I made a comment about creating our own reality and expecting positive outcomes. We all looked at each other and burst out laughing. It’s easier to talk the talk than walk the walk. We made it to the airport in time.

    1. Just saw this now. It’s funny that I too went in to the conference thinking “oh these are all the enlightened people” and then still saw nervous, hurried, worried, upset behaviors. It reminded me that we are all still human no matter how far along the path we are. Thanks for your comment and I love the image of you all bursting out in laughter. Good stuff. ~S

  2. Wow I so resonate with this and have been where you have been, and are in a similar place now. It is actually exciting, which sounds contradictory, to feel so calm and centered! To feel alive and bursting with energy, and yet so serene knowing that everything is now unfolding as it should, doors are opening, obstacles are clearing, all because we finally listened and took the right action. Eek! 😉

    1. How did I miss these wonderful comments. Thanks Fiona for responding. I love the thought of others being in a solid, peaceful place too. The more we can all do this, I believe we bring good energy and calm to the world. Listening and looking every day. THX.

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