Inching your way to your dreams.

Occasionally I get all discombobulated by SO MUCH TO DO. Like progress on my BIG dreams is creeping at a snail’s pace. I see projects I have started desperate for my attention and the weight of a book I want to finish SO BADLY, still not done, and in those moments, I can get discouraged.

Doing so many things at once to expand my future successes can sometime be a daunting task. Feeling like it is inchworming along and here I want to EXPLODE with growth and fireworks!

I have been an entrepreneur for 11 years!! And so much of the time I make myself suffer because I feel like I am not productive enough! And honestly I work A LOT. Not that it’s all bad, I really enjoy my work 85% of the time. There is always something else to do, create, fix, change, grow. So why do I always have this nagging thought that I need to get everything done and in order?shelly-dax-inchworm

I was reminded today in my mastermind group that being an entrepreneur basically means nothing is ever actually done. My coach Kat Loterzo told me “that’s the blessing and curse of being an entrepreneur, if you felt you were on top of it all the time you wouldn’t really be an entrepreneur. It doesn’t really go together. It’s about giving yourself permission to never be done and to not make that into something that has to be an energetic big deal. It’s also a great way to learn to prioritize things when you’ve got limited time to build your online business.”

I kid myself. I pretend there will be a day when I don’t have anything to do but paint and sip fresh squeezed salty dogs on a beach somewhere. But hell, I know that would only make me happy for a short while. I am a high vibe, next level crazy chick who loves to kick ass and take names. I love to say “see what I made for you!” whether it is a song, a story, a play, a painting or a tattoo. (or a penis cake. Cause yeah I love to sculpt.)


Cake I made for my daughters bachelorette party 2016

Recently when my oldest son saw the cyber hater attack on me, and then subsequently ALL the things I was furiously working on–custom drawings, blogging, the REEL ME IN! 
fishing board game artwork, studying online business and marketing as well as doing my day job of tattooing and teaching—he said

“Mom you are ‘leveling up’…like in a video game when you beat the boss on one level and move up to the next one.”

I loved that metaphor. That visual has made me jump around doing karate chops and destroying blocks ever since.

I know it is important to celebrate every small baby step in the direction of your dreams. Even as I find myself getting impatient, I take a deeeeeep breath and slow my mind chatter and honor that

inchworm, inchworm… measuring the marigolds…cause I know I’ll go far!

Watch Danny Kaye sing “Inchworm”.
(he’s one of my FAVORITE actor/comedians of all time.)

Level up Inchworm!
Be fierce. Be kind. Be BADASS!