One Big Retro “Screw You”!


Being content and joyful, despite circumstances, seems to be a foreign state for most people. I would swear people love misery, and misery loves company, so we get an exclusive invite to their poopy pity party!

I practice hard to stay in the present moment–using meditation, yoga, affirmations, determination and mindfulness. HEY it’s not freaking easy, let me tell you, But it’s high on my priority list to FEEL GOOD!

My lightness and joy are like a skittish unicorn, poised to be spooked away at any moment by the village folk crashing through the woods, carrying pitchforks of pessimism.

And yet I just keep bringing on the rainbows.

Oh sure, I know there are tons of jokes and memes about the airy fairy, new age, too happy sunshine dorks.  But that’s just peevish people attempting to categorize all UNKNOWNS into one big label. People called me Pollyanna for YEARS before I realized it was supposed to be an insult!

One big retro “screw you” to all those jerks who tried to make me feel foolish for simply being cheerful.


Everyone’s unique perspective is needed in this world.

We can’t all be cynics and too-cool-for-school.  I happen to be fierce, nutty, funny, weird, optimistic and unbearably light most of the time.  It takes real tragic trauma to get me down.  Sure, life pushes my cork down to the depths of the sea, where I struggle to breathe, but my sunny nature just keeps popping that cork back to the surface. I like to float!

One of my biggest turn-offs is sitting with a group of people who fill the air with complaints; why things can’t be done or just a lot of “woe is me”.  I swear some people literally aren’t happy unless there is some drama and BS to stir up.

Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction.  Break the habit.  Talk about your joys.” ~Rita Schiano 

So when that happens to me, before my eyes start to roll, I politely excuse myself and GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE.  It’s hard enough to maintain your own centered state of being, without adding the drain of whiners, complainers and negators!

I’m not saying there aren’t valid traumas and tragedies–people do need support and a kind ear at times.

I’m talking about the type—you know them—NOTHING makes them happy, everyone is against them, they expect the worst and they believe they have no control over their lives. It’s all happening “TO” them. Years go by and you hear them saying the same old things. Waah!

Guard your mind from the Gloomy Gabbies.

Looking on the bright side and being cheerful is not childish or delusional. These are important qualities of successful people.

Optimism is quintessentially an energizing, dynamic force

So why power down when you can power up?

Let’s commit to complain less.  Let’s find more to be grateful for. Let’s allow our unicorns to prance freely through the forest, undisturbed.


Be Fierce. Be Kind. Be Badass.


“My friend told me I was delusional.  I laughed so hard I almost fell off my unicorn!” ~unknown.