Painting on the Sidewalk

I was honored to be chosen by the City of Springfield to participate in the “Upstream Art Project” which allowed me to paint a mural right on the sidewalk! This project is an effort to raise awareness regarding storm drain pollution and habitat protection. Six artists were chosen and awarded $1000 for our effort.


The design I submitted in May 2017

I was inspired to enter the contest because I’ve been working on fish paintings for the board game Reel Me In! for the last several months.  In addition to entertainment and strategy, the board-game shares in an effort to protect wildlife and fisheries.



Different fish species I painted for the game cards.

Hey, I didn’t know that the water flowing through storm drains goes straight into our rivers and streams unfiltered and untreated!  So it was an education for me as well as the many folks who stopped by to ask questions.

It took me and my wonderful assistant Gil 14 hours total over two days to complete the nearly 5’ x 7’ painting. Being as it was on the ground…whooo wheee….we were kneeling, bending, squatting, and laying on the sidewalk the whole time…OH my aching back!  Thank-goodness for the knee pads.


Special traffic paint was provided in only five colors: red, blue, yellow, black and white–from which I mixed all the colors needed for my design. I am told the painting could be there for several years.  It’s right between the Springfield City library and the Springfield museum on 6th street.



(Here is a slideshow of the fun we had!)

This was a FABULOUS adventure and being paid to do art is always a thrilling privilege!  Of course, part of the money went to my chiropractor bill!