Living your life to the fullest, giving yourself permission to shine your light as BRIGHT as possible, making no f*n apologies… gives other people PERMISSION to shine in their own lives too. ?

I have admired, for ages, the people who seem so comfortable in their own skin. Fat, skinny tall, short, whacky clothes, hats, zits, scars, lisp, bald…. It doesn’t matter. They are the people who live large and in charge, with confidence and comfort, with an air of “give no fucks” surrounding their relaxed demeanor.

It’s taken me painful YEARS to become relaxed and accepting of who I am. This has been one of my excruciating lessons–being ok with me.

Accepting myself, my body, my weirdness, my direction, my eternal positivity–was a much more difficult path than it needed to be.

Making apologies for who I was a million times over my life. And raging an internal battle of “never good enough”. The old unworthiness game. Judging myself by some imaginary unattainable standard? So ridiculous.

And about 6 years ago… I just stopped. I stopped saying sorry all the time. I am not sorry. I am not apologizing any more.

I decided to shine. I made a literal conscious decision to embrace the life I have been given and allow my light to be bright. To be relaxed in my body, to go with the flow, to set great boundaries, to say no to obligation, say yes to feeling good and to stop apologizing all the time.

And I can’t even adequately describe the enormous burden that has lifted from my shoulders. It is utterly freeing!

The mask is gone. The fear diminished. The connection to lifesource clear. Even my “ugly cries” are okay to share now.

When we give ourselves permission to shine, others can relax in their own sparkle too. That’s a sweet gift.

I am grateful to all those who paved the way before me… Literally just being themselves.


Be Fierce. Be Kind. Be Feisty.


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