The Tattoo Textbook




Are you determined to make art for a living?

Are you frustrated trying to break into the tattoo industry?

Here is everything you need to get started in the exhilarating world of tattooing, all in one full-color, indispensable textbook. Learn how to tattoo from an experienced tattooer and instructor.

Professionally designed and a pleasure to read, this is the ultimate HOW TO tattoo guide-- literally a course in a book--giving you the fundamental A – Z essentials to become successful at the craft of tattooing.

Whether you’re a student, apprentice or total newbie, this illustrated textbook is the beginner’s tattoo bible. Start your exciting career with this leading education right at your fingertips. As the tattoo industry explodes in growth, you can help fulfill the need of consumers that are clamoring for compassionate and talented tattooists!

This textbook is CRITICAL for anyone who dreams of being a tattooer or those who wish to learn tattoo in the safest, most convenient way. Filled with crucial information, from safety, sanitation, skin and equipment, to color theory, client services and tattoo technique.

Featuring high quality photosgraphics, and examples, you NEED this new tattoo artist training. Get your own copy right now.

  • Basic fundamentals of tattoo
  • Learn how to make art for a living
  • The most modern, critical information available
  • Essential knowledge to your beginning as a tattooer
  • Join the ranks of artists making great money in a career they love!
  • Safely develop key skills
  • Coveted tattoo secrets, all in one inspired book
  • Author is a celebrated artist and prominent instructor of tattooing

“I highly recommend this book, if you've considered getting into tattooing this is a MUST HAVE. From beginning to end this will cover everything you need to know about tattooing. Once you have read this you will have a complete understanding of tattooing, or use it as a companion guide to schooling or apprenticeship.” ~Valentin Serna, owner All-in-One Tattoo

"After scouring the web for resources. and finding only scattered videos & tips, the coveted tattoo information available in this easy-to-understand book, makes this THE go to for those looking to become a tattooer. Along with good hands-on mentoring, this is all you need.” ~ James Bozeman, tattoo artist

The author offers you the benefit of over fourteen years as a tattoo artist, and eight years as director & instructor at Garden of Ink, a tattoo school licensed by the state of Oregon. She is a life-long artist, in mediums such as drawing, painting, singing, acting, directing, coaching and writing.

She has worked with over 60+ talented students, and at least 10 of her graduates have gone on to open their own studios.