Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution
Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution
Charity Hamidullah

Charity Hamidulla

Tattooer, Multi-Disciplinary Artist & member Ladies of Ink tour

Instagram: @LoveLiveCake
Facebook: @Cakes.PinkInk

Since walking into her apprenticeship at the age of 16, Charity Hamidullah knew that she had a special place in the tattoo industry. Since 2006, Hamidullah has continuously grown within her craft, worked alongside greats like Miya Bailey and Tuki Carter at City Of Ink, owned a tattoo shop with the living legend Roger Parrilla, and united with the Ladies of Ink to shed light on Black Female Tattooers in the industry. This road of tattooing as taken her around the world and connected her with so many amazing individuals. To say the least, Hamidullah is grateful and excited for the journey ahead.

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Charity Hamidullah Tattoo
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