Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution
Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution
Elva Stefanie Rivera

Elva Stefanie Rivera

Tattoo Artist, Art Historian, Studio Owner & InkMaster Contestant

Instagram: @TheElvaStefanie and @TheBlankSlateNY
Facebook: @ElvaStefanieTattoo and @TheBlankSlateNY

Elva Stefanie began her career tattooing in a small apartment at 21 years old and is now the owner of an award winning studio, The Blank Slate, in Poughkeepsie NY. Her unique style and dedicated work ethic has allowed her natural talent to flourish, which has been recognized with numerous awards and a spot on Paramount Network’s Ink Master. She is continuously growing and learning from other well-respected members of the tattoo community, with a work ethic that has garnered respect from her peers. With a Bachelors Degree in Art History and Ancient World Civilizations, among other degrees in the art discipline, Elva Stefanie combines the past, present, and future through her work, with her global clientele that is both trusting and open minded. Her aim is to become a world renowned and influential artist, which would enable her to give back to the community and leave positive blueprint for others to follow.

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Elva Stefanie Rivera Tattoo
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