Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution
Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution
Joshua South

Joshua South

28 year Tattoo Veteran, Painter & Writer

Instagram: @JoshuaSouthTattoos
Facebook: @JoshuaSouthTattoos

“Doing the best tattoos that I can while carefully guiding the set and setting. Slowing down and taking time for the moment. Mindfully stimulating fun, healthy, meaningful conversations while I work. I prioritize my health, get plenty of rest, eat well and exercise which allows me to stay present and focused while tattooing. Tattooing motivates me to be the best version of myself possible. I feel a great sense of responsibility for the quality of my art and also the quality of time that clients spend sharing space with me. What I say and how I carry myself during the procedure matters. Tattooing is unlike anything else in this world. I like to seize that moment, make it safe, inspirational and fun whenever possible.”

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Joshua South Tattoo
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