Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution
Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution
Justine Serebrin

Justine Serebrin

Intuitive Tattoo Artist & Creator of Earth Altar Studio

Instagram: @JustineSerebrin
Facebook: @JustineSerebrin

Justine Serebrin is an intuitive visionary artist, tattooer, entrepreneur, and creator of Earth Altar Studio, an upscale, down to earth tattoo studio in Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in intuitive ritual tattoo experiences and has been tattooing for 12 years. Her award-winning oracle cards, the Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck, were initially created for her sacred tattoos and are now available worldwide. Since falling in love with creating oracle decks, Justine now teaches others to create their own cards, as they are the perfect union of sharing intuitive art and spiritual guidance in one collectible artform.

As a creative guide, Justine helps emerging intuitive artists fuse their visual art and intuitive abilities into a sustainable, creative practice. Her mission is to activate over 1 million intuitive artists to stand powerfully in their artistic professionalism owning their authentic presence as visionaries reinventing our “New Earth” reality.

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Justine Intuitive Tattoo 2020
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