Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution
Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution
Kym Munster

Kym Munster

International Tattoo Artist & Painter

Instagram: @Feline_Sick
Facebook: @FelineSick and 

Kym Munster began tattooing 11 years ago in a small, city centre shop in Glasgow and has gone on to cement herself as one of the most recognisable female artists working in the Scottish tattoo industry.

Having featured at various tattoo conventions across the UK, Kym currently works alongside Paul Clavé at Memento Mori Tattoos in Glasgow’s West End.

Being born with a passion for art before settling into the tattoo industry Kym studied medical illustration, design, and photography, and is an avid painter.

This adds to the unique style which Kym is most known for around the world, and she regularly accepts bookings with international clients.

The passion for art doesn’t end with tattooing, Kym likes to spend some of her free time experimenting with other artistic mediums. The rest of her free time is spent running around after 3 house cats.

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Kym Munster Tattoo
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