Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution
Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution
Makkala Pallesen

Makkala Rose

Tattoo Artist, Painter & Studio Owner

Instagram: @MakkalaRoseTattoos
Facebook: @MakkalaRoseTattoos

Makkala Rose long dreamt of creating art and travelling across the world, and tattooing has given her just that!

The last three years on her feet and on the road have taught her much about herself, the industry and the art. In her work, Makkala focuses on creating a unique piece for each individual wearer. Continually inspired by nature and having a life long adoration for flowers, Makkala pursued and developed a style that is distinctive and representative of her affinity for the subject matter itself. “Illustrative Realism” it has been coined.

Creating mood and atmosphere with her colour palettes, Makkala strives to evoke an emotional connection between the wearer, the art and her audience with the beauty of the natural world that inspires her.

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Makkala Rose Tattoo
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