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Ruby Gore

Ruby Gore

Tattoo Artist, Illustrator & Studio Owner

Instagram: @TheRubyGore
Facebook: @TheRubyGore

Ruby Gore is Canadian tattoo artist, illustrator and studio owner. Her private studio Black Thorne Tattoo Atelier, based in Toronto, Ontario is a cozy, safe, inclusive space that reflects the vintage, romantic, macabre elements of her artwork. She combines her love for flora and fauna with her dark aesthetic to create beautifully haunting, whimsical tattoos and illustrations. As a passionate Vegan and trauma-informed tattoo artist, Ruby specializes in and offers free cover-ups and scar cover-ups to clients who are recovering from self-harm and victims of abuse where she hopes that her trauma survivor project “Out of the Darkness” shows how tattoos can be an important part of mental health recovery.

Ruby focuses her artwork on dark illustrative botanics; she is able to emphasize the mortality, both eternal and fleeting. Her glamorization of skulls, insects, flowers, animals and herbs, primarily in blackwork with an emphasis on clean lines, stippling and the occasional burst of bold antique colours are reminiscent of 1700’s scientific illustrators. See more of Ruby’s work on Instagram @therubygore

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Ruby Gore Tattoo
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