Walking and talking to myself. I reassure me, as if I were talking to a good friend.

So, I tell myself nice things. Things like “you are loved”, “you are so lucky”, “you are beautiful”, “it’s all okay”, “don’t be so hard on yourself” and “you are doing your best”. I love to wallow in the happy thoughts. I know it sounds cliché but immersing myself in positive thoughts trains my brain to go there first, instead of the opposite.

Why is it more effort to think positively? 

Lifetime of practice in negative thinking! Ugh.

Dysfunctional childhood. Blah.

Weird resistance to feeling good and living in creativity. Boo!

But we make it so hard on ourselves when it doesn’t have to be. Feeling good takes some practice but I personally know it can be done.

For example, I’ve changed my brain tremendously in the last 10 years. Just by crowding out the grimy, rusty, uncomfortable clogged pipes of negative energy, and allowing the bright, shiny, supportive positive energy to flow on through instead.

Above all, I bathe, wallow, swim and dance in better thoughts. Cherish the good feelings like treasures. Practice staying in them, milking the good moments, lingering in the happy thoughts.

Weirdly realizing it is a choice. A CHOICE!
But this is a truth we don’t want to hear sometimes, when we are miserable, blamey and gloomy.

To clarify, there are circumstances that are outside of our control; death, taxes, mental illness, that one co-worker who’s a nincompoop, etc.

But moley holy, there is a still, small, divine, quiet place inside everyone that even those circumstances can’t touch! It’s always there. The real you. You can tune in and access that any time. Sages call it the soul, the witness, or the divine inner being.  You can call it Fred. Doesn’t matter.

Furthermore, knowing it is always there is the rock-solid foundation from which we can decide what everything “means”.

Creativity, inspiration, abundance and magic flow from this well of peace.

In other words, the surface of that water remains undisturbed. I go there frequently. Because life’s battles, boils, botches and break-downs cannot touch that calm, smooth quiet inner well of tranquility.

And some days, I am the only one who is nice to me which is perfectly okay cause I am an awesome friend.  The best friend I have.

Yeah, go ahead. Say nice things to yourself.

Be Fierce, kind and badass!

Shelly Dax