Are you plagued by the swirling thoughts syndrome?  Do you find yourself always thinking, thinking–trying to figure things out?  Exhausted from listening to that voice in your head–your constant companion…the worried, negative, demanding roommate in your brain?

Stress, challenges, worries, difficult times, place undue burden on our bodies and souls.  Be here now, we are told.  The power of now.  I understand the concept, but it just ain’t easy to enjoy the present moment, when that darn voice is saying “finish that piece”,”your paperwork is two months behind”, “how will you ever make that payment?” and on and on.

A friend of mine told me one of her solutions.  A god bag.  Once the swirling thoughts start, and she can’t figure out how to solve a certain problem, she will write it on a scrap of paper, fold it up and put it in her god bag–then the key: LET IT GO. (She’s been doing it for more than ten years.)

It’s sort of like a little prayer being put out there…an asking. And once asked, we don’t need to repeat it over and over for the universe to know what we’re requesting.  But getting it out of your head is crucial.

So I made myself a goddess box, painted it, put decorative metal corners on it and voila!–I sequester my swirling thoughts in to a colorful, secure box, where the source of all-that-is can get to work handling the problems.

And suddenly I feel relief.  Strange.  Just knowing they are in there, stewing, bubbling, squirming in the magical energy of the angels or god or source or higher power or whatever you will call it…makes me feel a burden has lifted.

My friend says approx twice a year she will take out all the scraps, read them over and burn the ones that have been answered or dealt with, in a friendly bonfire or some such thing. She shared that this has been a transformational ritual for her.

Awesome.  Just in the last week one issue has already been solved.  I look forward to torching that little scrap!