So, You want to be a


Don’t know where to start?

Does any of this sound familiar?? 

  • People have always told you, YOU should do tattoos
  • You’ve scoured the internet only to find a confusing and
    contradictory array of opinions
  • You’ve been brushed off by other tattooers because
    you don’t fit the mold
  • You’ve bought several tattoo education books that promise
    all the secrets, but they turn out to be poorly written,
    badly explained or even worthless
  • Your tattoo school or apprenticeship was a terrible experience
  • You are scared to tattoo without guidance because of the
    serious health risks involved
  • You are apprenticing with a busy artist and need an
    all-in-one textbook to supplement your training

You need the BRAND new book:

The Tattoo Textbook

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Shelly Dax presents:

The world’s ONLY professional TATTOO TEXTBOOK 

Introducing the groundbreaking book that covers all the bases!

Your own personal access behind the curtain of tattoo art, no longer concealed or reserved for only certain people.


If you long to pursue a career that celebrates and pays you for your art, the tattoo textbook is your huge leap forward in living your passion!

Escape the grind and make money doing art that you love.

The ultimate tattoo guide–literally a course in a textbook–giving you the fundamental A – Z essentials to become successful at the craft of tattooing.


 This 237 page textbook is CRITICAL for anyone who dreams of being a tattooer or those who wish to learn tattoo in the safest, most convenient way. Filled with crucial information, from safety, sanitation, skin and equipment, to color theory, client services and tattoo technique.

Featuring high quality color photos, graphics, illustrations

and the most current information

–you NEED this new tattoo artist training.
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About the Author

Shelly Dax offers you the benefit of over fourteen years as a tattoo artist, and eight years as director & instructor at Garden of Ink, a tattoo school licensed by the state of Oregon, where the regulations are very strict. Shelly is a life-long artist, in mediums such as drawing, painting, singing, acting, directing, coaching and writing. Truly a feisty renaissance gal, she is an audacious rebel who also intensely loves positive thinking and spreading encouragement!

She has worked with over 60+ talented students, and at least 10 of her graduates have gone on to open their own shops. Her studio is friendly, colorful, welcoming and all-inclusive.

Shelly’s major desire is to help make the tattoo industry a gentler, welcoming, art-focused and safe place to work.

Fun facts: Shelly loves tomatoes, fishing, bunnies, tequila and her nickname is “Fierce Pollyanna”.


Shelly is NOT advocating trying to learn tattoo completely on your own. This book is the essential theory part of the tattoo equation only! Learning to tattoo requires specialized hands-on training. She firmly believes you need a mentor, coach or instructor to guide you and assist you with the physical and technical aspects of this craft—VERY serious health consequences can occur from a lack of understanding of sanitation, sterilization and infection control.

If you are in a location that does not require licensing, seek out an experienced artist or online coach! This textbook is intended as a supplement to your education experience and will give you the solid footing to acquire a great mentor. 


Look at the nice things people say!

“I highly recommend this book, if you’ve considered getting into tattooing this is a MUST HAVE. From beginning to end this will cover everything you need to know about tattooing. Once you have read this you will have a complete understanding of tattooing, or use it as a companion guide to schooling or apprenticeship.”
Valentin Serna

Owner, All-In-One Tattoo

“After scouring the web for resources. and finding only scattered videos & tips, the coveted tattoo information available in this easy-to-understand book, makes this THE go to for those looking to become a tattooer. Along with good hands-on mentoring, this is all you need.” ~ James Bozeman, tattoo artist
James Bozeman

Tattoo Artist

“I loved the atmosphere while attending Shelly’s school. She never hesitated to help or answer my questions. She truly wants the best for her students, and the curriculum goes the extra mile. They helped me realize my dream.”
Raymond Garcia

Tattoo Artist

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