You know what its like to have dark days. It’s always one thing or another right? Always the stumbling blocks, grievances, worries and struggling times to get you down. And a world-wide pandemic. So strange and surreal and still here.

This is exactly the reason I have literally made my life all about finding ways to be happy anyway. To choose to see the bright side. To live the happiest life I can possibly manage. Sure, I’ve been told I’m foolish, silly, or sticking my head in the sand. So what? I can deal with that.

There are an OVERabundance of worry warts, naysayers, doomsdayers and gloomy folk to crowd the path of negativity.

The road less traveled, is the road of optimism. Cheerfulness. Feeling good. It’s not very crowded here at all.

My goal in life is to show myself, and anyone who cares to pay any sort of attention to me, that life can be good. Life can be awesome even. Life can be full of appreciation for ALL THE THINGS, even through dark days. I KNOW I KNOW, it can be a real EFFORT to find some things to be thankful for when you are depressed or sad or broke or sick. But it is possible. I can hear the birds chirping outside my window right now, and I am reminded, what a LOVELY joyful thing it is to have birds in the world. Oh yes, we have cockroaches (blehhh), slime and dirty diapers too. But I have the power to look where I want to. To notice what I want to. To focus on what is delightful.

It’s so illumintating to realize that most of what goes on, in fact ALL of what goes on in life is filtered through our own interpretations. This allows us to CHOOSE what stuff means. OH MY GOSH, what a concept. I’ve been studying this idea for years, and barely scratched the surface.

I get to choose. No one ever has control over my inner world. And peeps, you are SO powerful, you don’t even know. I didn’t know for so many years. And then I allowed the message to sinnnnkkkkk in. Ahhhhh. I create my reality. One day after the other. I get to decide what things mean and thus how I will respond to them. My life has dramatically changed in so many wonderous ways–relationships, friendships, finances and even my health.

“If you suddenly realized this entire thing was a dream, and you could suddenly do whatever you wanted (other than hurting someone) what would you do? Whatever answer that you came up with, do that.”Kyle Cease, comedian and speaker

Here’s what I do: write my words, create my art, do my crafts, tattoo awesome clients, cook my yummy meals, interact with empowered people. Despite the doubts. Despite the meanies. Despite the dark times. I decided its more important to live my purpose than listen to the cockroaches, slime and dirty diapers.

What would you do? What will you do?

My latest whimsical watercolor:

Shelly Dax 🌱

The Fierce Pollyanna