Uplevel your Ordinary; Use This Crisis to Flourish. Listen, fer sure times are weird.  The current “situation” is the strangest I’ve ever been through (I use situation in lieu of all the panic inducing words). Some of us are dealing with loneliness, lack of employment, illness or confusion. My studio and school have been closed for almost 6 weeks!  Ay yi yi.  My partner and I are both with no current income. I could easily crumble to my fears.

But it’s all ok. People have survived so much worse.  Wars, drought, famine, plagues, losing a limb, depression, recession—we are a resilient people!! We can still find things to be appreciating and celebrating. I am in awe of all the clever people who are finding ways to speak out, to still be relevant, to learn technology and connect with others. WOW. Really. The human spirit is indomitable!  That speaks to my own soul and make me want to shine and create more than ever.

So now it’s time to uplevel your ordinary. Sparkle it up my leading ladies! You can use this time to refocus. To pull out those ‘back-shelf’ projects that have been gathering dust.  Remember all the days you said “I don’t have time” well, hello…the Universe has suddenly given you so much time. If you are one of the essential workers, then HURRAY, you still have a job and an income! But for the rest of us, we can take this weird pause of ordinary life to redouble our efforts to grow a garden, start an online business, develop our drawing talents, learn a new tech skill (like Zoom calls—been heck-a-many of those now) or to begin your meditation practice.

Furthermore, I see the most amazing women (and some men) in my community, doing beautiful artwork, sharing messages of hope and connecting with each other.  Offering discounts, teaching their talents, sharing books/videos/recipes and even sharing their toilet paper! I adore these amazing people.

Flourish in Crises

I’m focusing each day on what I’m appreciating.  Honestly through this crazy sitch, it would be easy to let fear, panic and sadness wash me down the drain. Oh hellz no. I am forever and always a Fierce Pollyanna. That doesn’t go away just cause there is a pandemic creeping around the planet. This is the time I stand tall, let the emotions come, but don’t let them STICK.  We are always at choice. Humans have the ability to choose our feelings.

Wayne Dyer said in his book “Happiness is the Way” that we can begin with the premise: I can control my thoughts. And the next premise: My feelings come from my thoughts

Then logically we can conclude: I can control my thoughts. My feelings come from my thoughts. Therefore, I can control my feelings. 


Not to say we should be cold or unfeeling. Just that we can choose the self-defeating feelings or we can choose the supportive, healing feelings. Healing feelings!  If it rhymes, then it makes even more sense! 😉

Easier said than done at times, of course, as most people would say it is ‘normal’ to feel worried and panicked. But then you are not a typical person. You’re not ordinary. You are a beautiful, creative, colorful, sparkly soul sister. Rise above what is considered typical, and uplevel your ordinary. Use this crisis to flourish. I’m right there with you, as this is my plan too.  Finishing my first children’s book, planting veggies, practicing new recipes, researching women in the tattoo industry, getting on-line coaching and developing a new course. I’m hustling!

Go forth and keep bringing on the light! It is especially valuable right now!


Be fierce. Be kind. Be badass.

Shelly Dax

The Fierce Pollyanna


Clues From The Muse:

Bubbling from within, the river of ingenuity is churning, quietly waiting for you to take the leap. Let it sweep you into the depths of discernment. Dive deep!