Yes I mostly do what I want.

And it’s taken me years to get here. I give myself permission to be who I want and feel what I want and choose the things that make me happy.

I have set intentions around my life being easy and in flow. This means even in business, I don’t do things the way others do then. I shun most expectations and I put “feeling good” high on my priority list.

I literally am laying in bed working on my phone for awhile most mornings. {I am still so amazed at technology}. Holy shizzle… I can lay in my bed and schedule appointments, respond to emails, pay bills, coach clients, plan projects and post social messages while snuggled under my down comforter. LIFE IS GOOD.

But of course it wasn’t always this way. I had to decide I wanted my easy life. And then stick to my own intuition to get here. I had to ignore people telling me I needed to open my shop 6 days a week or open at 9am or stay open till late, cause that’s what everyone else was doing. I have gotten flack for only being open “by appointment” on Saturdays… But hell, I let it go, cause those people are not my ideal clients anyway.

I had to ignore the fancy art teacher who was so egotistical and so sure his way was “the” way. {he turned out to be a total fraud}.

I had to ignore an expensive biz coach’s advice to schedule and plan everything to the minute detail… Cause that felt awful and left no room for flow and following my own intuition.

I have an artist’s spirit and a flair for drama. I see myself as having mad adventures in creativity. I flit from thing to thing because I want to. I teach, I draw, I write, I blog, I blab, I paint, I administrate… I sing, I cook, I play!

I literally have been visualizing this life, since I was a kid and I’ve managed to live it out in some way or another… In between having kids, jobs, projects, traumas, shit storms and a business.

Because I believed I could. I just kept knowing that some day I’d be so free and flexible and wild and creatively living and things would flow in a wonderful rhythm.

I am like 60% there and allowing it more and more each day. Til I am 100% free to swirl and whirl and give no fucks and love and live in total freedom and fun… Maybe going barefoot and wearing a purple hat too, painting the scenery, posing like a goddess, feeding my friends, whisking my family on adventures, and sprinkling my unicorn and rainbow energy wherever it is needed.

And it is all perfectly OK. And marvelously realistic. And coming to a theatre near you.
“The Fierce Pollyanna”

Be Fierce. Be Kind. Be Feisty.