How to do Watercolor Tattoos: Painterly Techniques for Tattoo Artists by Shelly Dax

Get your SPLASH on!

For tattoo artists looking to add the watercolor style to their portfolio this colorful little book is for you!

Watercolor tattoos are an ever-increasing popular request for tattooers the world over. For the artist it is a wonderfully free, bold and imaginative expression that lends itself to whimsy and playfulness. Clients may think this is an easy style—“it’s just a bunch of splashes”—but in reality it is much more difficult to replicate on skin what watercolor paint does naturally on paper.

Longtime tattooer and author of The Tattoo Textbook, Shelly Dax shares her joyful journey into the realm of watery (or “aquarelle”) tattoos. From shaky beginnings through technique, contrast and color harmony, Shelly shares with you how to successfully execute this painterly method.

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How to do Watercolor Tattoos: Painterly Techniques for Tattoo Artists

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About the Author

Shelly Dax offers you the benefit of over fifteen years as a tattoo artist, and over ten years as director & instructor at Garden of Ink, a tattoo school licensed by the state of Oregon, where the regulations are very strict. Shelly is a life-long artist, in mediums such as drawing, painting, singing, acting, directing, coaching and writing. Truly a feisty renaissance gal, she is an audacious rebel who also intensely loves positive thinking and spreading encouragement!

She has worked with over 100+ talented students, and at least 10 of her graduates have gone on to open their own shops. Her studio is friendly, colorful, welcoming and all-inclusive.

Shelly’s major desire is to help make the tattoo industry a gentler, welcoming, art-focused and safe place to work.

Fun facts: Shelly loves tomatoes, fishing, bunnies, tequila and her nickname is “Fierce Pollyanna”.