Spring invokes thoughts of flowers, sunshine, rainbows, chicks and spring cleaning! But this spring, we are in a strange lockdown situation that has affected millions of people. I know there are worries, traumas, hardship and misinformation galore.  So during this strange and illuminating time, I am going deeper within, for more internal spring cleaning.

So I am on a mission to redefine my mission. And I joined a wonderful online couse called “Soulfuel Discovery” which includes writing exercises, videos and fun group coaching calls. With the intention to clarify my purpose and expand my offerings in the world over the next few weeks.

What I wrote about this morning was “what I desire to prevent or heal in the lives of others”–based, of course, on things I have lived through and experienced myself. Here’s what I came up with:

Prevent or heal in the lives of others:

Feeling stuck in poverty. Not being able to accomplish goals or live creatively. Feeling abandoned and alone. Feeling hurt and misunderstood. Working in jobs that feel heavy or stifling. Overwhelm. Dysfunctional beliefs. Negative mindstories. Lack of control. Feeling judged for wanting to feel happy. Feeling stupid for being goofy, funny, weird or silly. Boring or routine lives. Feeling “less than” because of being a woman. Feeling childish for loving to play, sing, dance or paint.

And the next question was “what is the exact opposite of that?” And here’s what I came up with:

Break negative momentum. Separate from the opinions of others. Know that abundance is everywhere. Shift beliefs that don’t serve. Stand up and be heard. Create and illuminate the beauty in a dark world. Embrace childlike qualities of wonder, awe, creativity and adventure. Create momentum in the direction of wishes and dreams. Believe in magic and miracles. Know the strength, radiance and joy of being a woman. Step up in life, take responsibility and go for your goals. Use art to heal and connect. Develop your voice and be heard. Have fun and feel good. Communicate with wisdom and passion.

This is the stuff that shapes my purpose in life and helps me discover what fuels my soul. I am excited to put some of this work together and get true clarity on my purpose for being here in this world. I am using this forced ‘downtime’ to really take a look at my goals for the next few years and make some decisions. I am excited to see what this “soul” work uncovers.

What do you want to heal?

Sending virtual hugs in this crazy time,

Shelly Dax

The Fierce Pollyanna