What happened to my summer?!?!  Literally one more day of August and it is sprinkling outside. The last few months have been challenging, testing my ability to stay focused, despite the fun and sun going on OUT THERE, in the ‘real world’. I’ve been cooped up inside, taking the occasional stroll in my yard to stretch my legs and longing to lie carefree in the sun.  BUT alas….I put those thoughts aside because I got shizzle to do.

No blog posts since March!  Where have I been, you ask?  Ummmmm, I worked 6 days a week through June so I could spend a few months totally focused on finishing the tattoo textbook I began THREE years ago!  So yes, I have literally been glued to my computer, forcing myself to STAY ON TASK and get this book done–DAMN the other distractions!

Oh hellz people, I would much rather be over here writing fun, from flow, words of happiness and inspiration, than doing the research, rewrites, editing, layout and complex thinking it takes to write an instructional book.  But it must get finished and get out in to the world!  Every day that I see a little more accomplished, and my partner Gil working on the beautiful layout (so professional!!) I am more excited to finish this project.

It is beyond incredible to watch a new creation come to life like this.  Sure, its taken a loooooong time, and taken me away from the more fun type of writing and art I generally focus on, BUT this is very special to me and indeed has been an adventure, a learning experience and a huge opportunity for growth.  Attempting to distill what I have learned in the field of tattooing, into a succinct teaching tool? Ignoring the voices of doom and gloom and not worthy and “who the freg do I think I am?”  You know.  All the junk thoughts that attempt to STOP SIGN you out of doing what will make your dreams a reality.

So, PATIENCE has been my word of the day for weeks now.  Each phase of this project takes a certain amount of time and can’t be rushed, as much as I try.

Finding the power to focus.


Developing the inner strength to leave the house a mess and KEEP WRITING!


Slathering on the healing balm–cause my damn shoulder hurts from so much writing.


Visualizing it done and pretty and packaged and ready and holding it in my hands.



It is the motivation I need to keep sitting my butt in this chair day after day and doing THE WORK.


Science Says 92 Percent of People Don’t Achieve Their Goals.

I am part of the 8% who will, because I refuse to give up, I keep ignoring the toxic fear voices and I refuse to live a mediocre life.

So, watch me.  I am getting this book done.  YEARS of work and struggle, and I can’t wait to fling it out to the public…and then promptly move on to my next big idea!

I appreciate the support and words of encouragement that have come from my partner, my friends and my fans.  Without you, I might shrink away from such a tedious task.  But with you I am one strong BOSS BABE.  Thanks for being patient with me.


PS: Oh yeah, this important thing happened during my summer too!!  My new grand baby boy Ezra Fox Bennett.