Big changes, transitions and shizzle storms have come into my life recently to remind me that I don’t know much…but I know I AM LOVED

Playing with my granddies is the quickest way I am reminded! They reveal the happiest side of life and when I am with them the challenges of life just don’t seem as glaring! Digging their hands into the flour as we make the cookies, and laughing with delight as they lick the bowl– cliche but oh-so-beautiful! The chocolate-y aroma filling the kitchen is LOVE!

The simplest, most basic, essential message of our lives is– YOU ARE LOVED.

Wrapped in crap sandwiches, with a side of shin-kicks and a sprinkle of crunchy emotions, the message still comes through. YOU ARE LOVED.

Sometimes that is all we can rely on. Sometimes that is the only thing that matters.
In the scheme of all the goodies and baddies, I can take comfort in the fact that life, boiled down to the bone, is all about love.

  • Love is all you need.
  • Love is a many-splendored thing.
  • All you need is love.


Do you have it?

Do you give it?

Do you truly know it?

I have recently gone through a health scare. You know the big kind, where everyone around you freaks out a little, finds out you are okay, and then says “it was a wake up call”. Where no one really knows what else to say, and you are left feeling a HUGE question mark…”why?”…the ONE thing that simply cannot be answered.

And so, I got a little close up and personal with my own life, and had the chance to examine what really matters. And all I can come up with is…LOVE.

After all the struggles, the traumas, the questions, the bumps, the blames, the problems, and the challenges…Really what is left?

They say “you can’t take it with you” meaning when you die you can’t take your money and possessions with you. But the one thing you can take is…LOVE! Yes, the love that you felt, and others feel for you, will go on. It adds to the world immensely, magically and miraculously.

The love that you shared in the many moments…holding a child’s hand, making the family meals, wrapping your lover in your arms, beaming a smile at a stranger, petting your fur-baby, giggling with your grandkids…will live on.

And so I look for ways to cherish each day, slow down, speak softer, take many breaths and feel the current of love all around me.

It’s been made very clear that it’s just not worth it to stay in stress, hustle, grind, and busy-ness without taking the time to play, have fun, relax and stop & smell the roses. Or the chocolate chip cookies!

And maybe, just maybe, everything will get done anyway.

Shelly Dax

The Fierce Pollyanna