Writing is NOT Optional

Here’s the deal. For me, writing is not an option. It has always been there, and it is always tapping me on the shoulder. It wants to be freed. It is always nagging at me like a cranky baby, it wants to be born. I can no longer neglect the intense desire because of excuses or doubts. So here I am, shedding excuses. I am a writer, and I shall write.

Writing Down the Bones

Just start writing they say. Whatever comes out. Let it flow. “Writing down the bones”, as author Natalie Goldberg says. Allowing thoughts to transform that blank page. No holding back. Even correcting and editing should wait until a lull in the flow of words. Just get started…past the hump. Don’t interrupt. Somewhere inside there is something to say. Something profound or relevant to share. But just beginning is the hardest.

As Tony Robbins suggests, I ask myself some better questions: Can I believe that something I’ve been through matters? Could my experience and growth and expansion really help someone else? Could my writing be a source of support, inspiration or enjoyment for even one other person? Hell yeah! So let’s do this baby!

Don’t Be Crabs in a Bucket!

I'm on a roll baby, I got my sights set on BIG changes in the tattoo industry.  I am over my old, limited thinking... "Old school rules", "tattoo secrets for a chosen few", "I'll never be good enough", "I'm too fluffy", "I'm too bright and happy in this dark and...


This is a slight detour from my normal blogs, but I felt it might be helpful, and it’s been on my mind. My partner and I have been doing deep dive work on ourselves and for the relationship, with some great books, audios and workshops, over the last six months. It’s...

Step Out of the Unworthiness Muck!

Before we get to this week's blog: SHOUT OUT to the awesome folks who read my blog, participate in my group and buy my art and books. YOU ROCK! Here's my latest "See what I made for you"... a "peeps & poops" tote bag!  (just-cuz-fun) I'm fortunate to have created...

The Tattoo Industry Needs a Makeover

The Tattoo Industry Needs a Makeover Ironic that the tattoo industry is all about adding beauty to a person’s skin, and yet there is a darkness in the industry itself that is anything but beautiful. A pervasive us-versus-them attitude when it comes to who is allowed...

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