Writing a damn blog already!!

Ok, so I ‘ve been quiet in the corners of blog-land for a while, working on so many other things…but my business coaches keep saying “write blogs” and I seriously keep putting it on my to-do list then it keeps falling to the bottom.  AND the muses keep snickering & whispering their words of wisdom to share.

Hey, I ain’t no slacker!  It’s not like I’m sitting around watching Netflix and eating deep fried oreos.  No sireee……I am running a tattoo studio, teaching tattoo school, I’m writing a tattoo book, painting, drawing, planning my HIGH flying online business, editing plays, illustrating children’s books, tattooing my own clients, taking a “build your online business master class” reading tons of books, helping design a board game AND in between all that…I painted a sidewalk for 14 hours, over two days! (more on that in the next blog.) I’m exhausted just rereading that list.


Sooooo blephhh <——–that’s me sticking my tongue out! CUZ I’m a freakn hustling dynamo!

And yet the casual, fun nature of the blog calls to me.  I enjoy the short but sweet clips of life’s adventures and it is my honor to be gifted as a writer.

And so I’m returning to my sadly barren blog-o-rama with the intention to fill this space with sparks, thrills, positive thinking, feisty convo, and radical encouragement for my fans, clients, friends, community and whoever the fuck cares to listen to my musings.


I will promise TWO things: honest unfiltered behind the scenes of my artist/writer badass life AND tidings of great JOY!  This is because I MASH and MERGE my feisty, brutal Sagittarius side with the gentle nature of my spirit guide, the bunny !

I am a fierce Pollyanna people so watch out!!


Be prepared for positive messages with a swift kick in the hindquarters!

Be fierce. Be kind. Be badass.