Get out of your comfort zone. Just start. Just do it. Take inspired action. You’ll get nowhere just sitting in your house. You’ve got to get up and participate in the world, not just be a spectator–a watcher of TV or a sitter of couches. Oh yes, my favorite chair calls me too, but if I don’t pull myself out of it occasionally, my life does not progress much.

I’ve had several girlfriends tell me lately, “just get out there and be a part of things”. In other words, nothing new will happen until you take the steps to make adventures happen for you.

Okay so not everything you do ‘out there’ will be a thrill a minute, and not everyone you meet will be ‘your person’ but fer sure if you stay home, cozied up in your blankie and chilling with Netflix alone, you won’t be meeting the person who can help your dreams advance. You won’t be meeting the love of your life (unless it’s the UPS driver!) and you won’t be taking steps on your beautiful visions.

Get out there! I know you’ve heard it a bunch, but have you taken action? Even if you are content at your house, fully grateful for the beautiful home you’ve created for yourself and the warmth and security it brings, don’t let it lull you ALL the time. Remember what Jen Sincero, author of “You Are A Badass” said; “Nobody who ever accomplished anything big or new or worth raising a celebratory fist in the air did it from their comfort zone.”

And don’t try to pretend there are things that you used to want that you don’t want anymore. “Oh no, I’m fine, I’m content, I don’t need that, it’s okay” all while still feeling the deep longing in your heart of hearts. The Universe can see right through that. Your heart’s desire is called that for a reason…it’s a desire that doesn’t simply go away just because we haven’t gotten it. Your desires were meant for you. They are unique to you.

Oh sure I’ve heard the Buddhist saying that “desire is the beginning of suffering”. But I believe it is the “attachment” that causes suffering not the desire itself. If we can like, love, and want so many things, and remain non-attached, that is the trick. An easy, carefree feeling of “this would be great”, “that would be cool” or “I’d like to know that person” is so much more helpful. It’s the grasping and refusing to be happy if you don’t get it that cause suffering. That’s why adding “this or something better” to the end of everything you wish to manifest works so well! (Thanks to Mike Dooley for that one.)

You haven’t let yourself desire too much because it feels risky. It feels like because you haven’t gotten it up till now, it’s just not coming, so you try and tamp down that yearning. But we are meant to imagine, wish, and celebrate so many things in our life. Life is supposed to feel good.

Even when shizzle happens, we are always seeking to steady that boat, bob that cork back to the surface and feel good again.

And I’m here to remind you (and me) that we are stardust. We are sorcerers, and our power comes from Source (whatever that means to you—call it God, call it Higher Power, call it The Great Something or call it Bob.) We have so much more power than we know. And to access that power starts with right thinking. Ditch the flippn negatory thoughts. They are not serving you. And ditch the excuses! Another gem from Jen Sincero; “The walls of your comfort zone are lovingly decorated with your lifelong collection of favorite excuses.”

Comfort zones can be lovely places but not much new or exciting or fantabulous happens there. Life is short (as my recent stroke reminded me) and I’m the kind of person who wants to fill it with magic, adventure, whimsy and LOVE! (And bunnies!)

So, are you with me? I’m trying a lot of new things lately…joined an artist collective, went to a new music show, joined a hiking club, and attended a metaphysical faire—at which I had a sound bowl massage!  Kooky? Well that’s me.

Clues From The Muse:
You’ve heard the news that you create your own reality? Yep, it’s true. Sometimes it may seem far-fetched and yet, it is your own mind that filters and interprets everything around you. You have the power to create, and recreate the storyline, just like a scriptwriter. The ultimate creation IS your own life journey. Shall it be a tragedy, a drama, a comedy, or a thrilling adventure? Or perhaps you try them all on now & then. Don’t like the plot thus far? Yell “CUT” and rewrite that scene.” ~The Muse


Shelly Dax

The Fierce Pollyanna